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Bottle of Pearls

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This beautiful gemstone has been used for centuries! Pearls date back to 5 Century B.C. and have been gifted to royalty and the elite. Today, many wear Pearls as jewelry, kept as mementos from older generations, and more! 

Pearls are known metaphysically to restore faith and signify innocence. This thought is to increase truth, personal integrity, sincerity, and provides insight into wisdom. 

Pearls have been cultivated from Oysters, but now with the introduction of cultured pearls, this vastly decreases the use of natural resources to produce these precious gemstones today!

Treasure these precious stones in this gorgeous keepsake corked bottle! Keep your stones in the protective bottle, or place gems in various areas in the home, office, car, drawers, etc. Small size makes these stones great to wear on your person. Great to use for meditation or focused work.

Scent Profile


Stones are great for boosting mood and grounding. Some use for yoga, meditation, as others love these items as decor pieces.


Wipe periodically to avoid dust and debris. Do not use water and soapy liquids on Pearls. Can be used as jewelry; wipe pearl pieces off periodically if being worn. Do not store around metal as this can scratch surface and damage gemstone.

Ingredients + Materials

Raw Pearl Gemstones



Safety & Caution

Handle with caution as these pieces can break or chip easily.

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