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Drift Away Sleep Kit
Drift Away Sleep Kit

Drift Away Sleep Kit

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Rest well with our Drift Away Sleep Kit. We've curated these handcrafted items for the ultimate peace and relaxation; the path to better sleep. 

This kit includes our limited-time-only Drift Away Shower Steamer which creates a peaceful, calming shower right before bed.

This Kit is encased in a Wooden Box, with Excelsior & clear wrap.


  • Silky Sleep Mask, 100% soft Mulberry silk
  • 4 oz Drift Away Sleep Spray
  • Drift Away Shower Steamer 
  • 10 Pack French Lavender Incense Cones
  • 1-Howlite Stone; Howlite is known to calm the spirit, aid in restfulness & sleep, and to help those unburden. 

Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest.