Citrine Geode, 232 grams

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Citrine attracts prosperity, abundance, wealth, success, and good luck. This powerful stone is perfect for tapping into one’s Solar Plexus Chakra. This gem creates a great connection for consciousness, greater mental clarity, and alignment.

Geodes are beautiful, naturally-forming pieces of crystals, minerals, and bedrock. These precious gems help with healing, connecting with one’s inner-self, and always holds a different, amplified energy.

  • Individual Piece
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Weight: 232 grams
  • Size: 1 ½" Height, about 4" length, and 2" width




•Our Geodes can be displayed as a centerpiece or placed near favorite places in the home for a fresh flow of energy. •Place under sun or full moon for charging. •Smudge with Sage stick or Palo Santo. •Use a cleansing crystal, like Selenite. •Place in rain or soak in salt water to cleanse.




This crystal is connected to the Crown Chakra for clarity and connection with all consciousness, creating alignment and clear thinking. Great to place in a study or any area for focus. Can be used for meditation.

Safety & Caution

Handle with caution as this piece can break or chip easily.

Ingredients + Materials

Raw Citrine and Crust

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