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Gold Lotus Incense Holder

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The Lotus is known for tranquility, peace, and purity. Restore your space with this beautiful Golden Lotus incense holder. 

Use with Incense Sticks or Cones! Holder comes apart for easier cleaning.

Scent Profile


1. Insert the small wooden end of Incense Stick into the hole of the holder. If using Incense Cone, place cone above small holes.
2. Light tip, watch for ambers and flames. Blow out incense tip if a flame shows.
3. Allow Incense to fully burn and cool before removing and cleaning ashes.
4.Wipe to keep clean.


To preserve holder, clean after every use. Handwash only.

Ingredients + Materials

Zinc Alloy


California, United States

Safety & Caution

Do not touch while in use. Material can be hot during and after use. Keep away from open flames and heat. Keep away from children.

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