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7 Reasons Self Care Should Be Important To You

  1. Helps with Stress Management   Managing stress involves taking breaks from activities that add extra stress on your immune system. Activities like; pampering, getting enough sleep, or talking to a friend allow moments of much needed stress management to prevent burnouts and other issues. Self care can be a helpful tool to add calmness and decrease stress.     2. Physical Health BoosterSelf-Care can be great for de-stressing your mind and physical body. It can trigger a relaxation response, which has known benefits to decrease chronic pain and many other issues. Always consult with a physician when deciding to make any changes to your health routine.   3. Improves Self WorthThe more you partake in self care, the better you will...

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Don't Dread Staying At Home

Working and staying at home does not have to be boring or dreadful. Instead, take some of this downtime to practice self-care rituals and techniques. Reclaiming yourself is truly serious work to make it through this unprecedented time and through any tough times you may face in your life.   Self-care helps to ease anxiety and fears. It calms your mind and thoughts; helping to promote clear thinking and decision-making. Induces happiness and neutrality. The thought process is one of the first ideals needed to change which will impact one's experience of staying home for an extended period of time. And the best part? You may get dramatically different skin when you practice self-care routinely. Remember, self-care is putting you first.  ...

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