Self-care is a path to mental health; 13 Tips for Self-Care Practices


As we close out May, it is important to highlight this typical busy spring month as it is also Mental Health Awareness Month. With over 26 million U.S. adults experiencing mental health related illnesses and conditions, we must stop the stigma and normalize mental health and mental health disorders. 

As health & wellness experts at Brooke Blaze, we want to encourage you to take time to focus on your self-care and make manageable, but proactive steps towards taking care of your mental health. 

Self-care practices are great ways to soothe, rest, recharge, reset, or do absolutely nothing. These little moments and breaks help relieve stress, increase productivity, boost self-esteem, and many other benefits. There isn't one way to define self-care, so make it your own!

For Mental Health Awareness Month, here are 13 Self-Care Practice Ideas to add into your routine from Brooke Blaze, the Self-Care Headquarters! 

1. Hydrate

2. Rest more

3. Go outside

4. Take a drive 

5. Cook your favorite meal

6. Start a skincare routine

7. Meditate or pray 

8. Gardening

9. Start a hobby 

10. Take a mental health day or use PTO

11. Listen to and be aware of your body 

12. Find ways to boost your immune system 

13. Practice breathing exercises 


For more Mental Health Resources:  

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) 



Mental Health America (MHA) 



World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) 



United for Global Mental Health 




Healthline list of Mental Health Resources  

Talkspace List of Mental Health Resources  


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