Don't Dread Staying At Home

Don't Dread Staying At Home

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Working and staying at home does not have to be boring or dreadful. Instead, take some of this downtime to practice self-care rituals and techniques. Reclaiming yourself is truly serious work to make it through this unprecedented time and through any tough times you may face in your life.  

Self-care helps to ease anxiety and fears. It calms your mind and thoughts; helping to promote clear thinking and decision-making. Induces happiness and neutrality. The thought process is one of the first ideals needed to change which will impact one's experience of staying home for an extended period of time. And the best part? You may get dramatically different skin when you practice self-care routinely. Remember, self-care is putting you first.  


These routines help to take care of ourselves and helps us to take care of others. This is a great time to include family, roommates, and friends on practicing care tips. Trade and discuss family beauty secrets, bring up that article you found the other day, finally treat your feet and hands the right way; treat yourself at home!  

From a personal standpoint, technology has allowed our staff to communicate with family and friends, and other staffers near and dear, and we chat about self-care techniques. We may not be able to touch each other, but these times will never rid us of communicating and being human. 

We offer great products to help with exfoliating, bath time, upkeeping nails and feet, and much more! Our products are great for promoting clear and moisturizing skin. Shop today and promote self-care. 

 Brooke Blaze provides luxury-class clean beauty and body items, wellness, and home items, bespoke of an elevated personal care experience for the posh Individual. We are an African-American/Black Women Owned & Operated company. Our mission is to bring pure, natural products to the masses to promote self-care and wellness. We leave out harmful and useless ingredients & fillers in our products, creating an inclusive brand that can be used and catered for all. Check us out at 

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