7 Reasons Self Care Should Be Important To You

7 Reasons Self Care Should Be Important To You


1. Helps with Stress Management  

Managing stress involves taking breaks from activities that add extra stress on your immune system. Activities like; pampering, getting enough sleep, or talking to a friend allow moments of much needed stress management to prevent burnouts and other issues. Self care can be a helpful tool to add calmness and decrease stress.  


2. Physical Health Booster
Self-Care can be great for de-stressing your mind and physical body. It can trigger a relaxation response, which has known benefits to decrease chronic pain and many other issues. Always consult with a physician when deciding to make any changes to your health routine. 

3. Improves Self Worth
The more you partake in self care, the better you will start to feel about yourself. Participating in "Self-Soothing" and "Self-Compassion" activities helps you find yourself and what YOU like to do. Triggering more self love. Increasing your self worth. 

4. Increased Productivity 
Participating in self-care helps with your mental & emotional well being and decreasing stress levels. When you take care of yourself, you have better focus and concentration helping to increase productivity.  

5. Promotes Relaxation 
A great benefit from practicing self-care is the increased opportunities to relax mentally, emotionally, and physically. More relaxation can lower your risk of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and high blood pressure.  


6. Promotes Body Positivity
The more you care for yourself, the more you pay attention to your entire "Self" and body. Self care activities such as pampering (ex; exfoliating or face mask), regular exercise, and meditation; really help you to zone in to your needs and physical wellness; promoting body positivity.  


7. Mindfulness
Practicing mindfulness can include breathing exercises like the STEP Method, practicing relaxation, or meditation. These activities can help with self-awareness, focused relaxation, and staying in your present mind. Self-care practices can be anything but, will always help to increase your mindfulness.  


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