Brooke Blaze Drift Away Sleep Kit: Product Highlight

Brooke Blaze Drift Away Sleep Kit: Product Highlight


Did you know? Routine sleep without interruption promotes lower rates of Diabetes, Chronic Illness, and High Blood Pressure. Good sleep is great for your overall well-being.  

Check out the Brooke Blaze Deep Sleep Kit. Available NOW ! Rest-Curated for a deeper and restful slumber. Learn more about this kit, products, and its wellness benefits below. 

 Silky Sleep Mask: 
  • 100% Natural Mulberry silk sleep mask.  
  • Lightweight double layer mask.  
  • Blocks light and has a comfortable strap for any style sleeper. 
Drift Away Sleep Spray:  
  • Non-toxic, Natural, Handcrafted, & Minimal Ingredients  
  • Formulated with Brooke Blaze's calming blend:  

Lavender: Promotes sleep and calming  
Rosemary: Decreases stress and anxiety  
Florida Water: When sprayed near your place of rest, known to prevent nightmares and relief nervous tensions from anxiety.  

Drift Away Shower Steamer: 
  • Non-toxic, Natural, Handcrafted, & Minimal Ingredients.  
  • Sleep-curated formula for relaxation and rest.  
  • Natural fizzing aromatherapy spa experience. 
French Lavender Incense Cones: 
  • Responsibly-SourcedNatural, Handcrafted, Vegan & Minimal Ingredients. 
  • Great for positive energy 
  • Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.  

Howlite Stone:

  • Known to calm the spirit
  • Aid in restfulness & sleep
  • Helps those to unburden

Brooke Blaze provides luxury-class  clean beauty and body items, wellness, and home items, bespoke of an elevated personal care experience for the posh Individual. We are  an African-American/Black Women Owned & Operated company. Our mission is to bring pure, natural products to the masses to promote self-care and wellness. We leave out harmful and useless ingredients & fillers in our products, creating an inclusive brand that can be used and catered for all. Check us out at  

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